Gold Rate in Kerala Today

Gold Rate in Kerala Today – Gold is the one of the good asset scheme for malayalees. In 1970 Kerala People so called Malayalees went to gulf countries without any proper document. These clients came back to Kerala with gold. This time onward  metal become the Favourite asset Scheme. During these years gold rate was too low. By years by years gold rate increased.

Kerala people do savings in the form of gold ornaments and Plain Gold. Today Gold Rate Kerala changing on the basis of market. Kerala rates changing daily upon market variation. consumers ready to invest and continuing investment in gold even when the marketing is not good.

Gold Rate Kerala

Kerala gold rate increasing day by day so consumers are much interested to invest . They used to buy and sell when they need money. Malayalees used to pledge ornaments to meet their need. When buying gold ornaments jewellery charge the Today Gold Price Kerala  including GST and  making charge.

Nearly 1000 Jewellers are working all over Kerala and they are charging different ornaments making charge so the gold rate Kerala also changing. Kerala Gold Rate fluctuating day by day so the total  rate also decrease or increase.

Kerala is one of top consumers in India so big jewellery brands showrooms also working here.Most Kerala clients use this as asset like equity shares, bond and land property. Like other savings  price also varying upon different market factors.

State wise price changing little bit every day. If we purchase today at 2800 Rupees per gram but price may change on next day like 2900 Rupees per gram. This rate variation encourage India people to purchase  as best asset scheme. This investment start from Child Birth Function to Marriage and Religious Function.

Type of Investment in Gold

  • Jewellery
  • Bars and Coin
  • ETF
  • Funds of Funds

Gold Jewellery 

This is oldest way of investing. This method choose purchasing gold in the form of ornaments. Based on jewellery design they charge you making cost. This is traditional way of investment. Kerala customers choose this way form of savings.  When you purchase  as ornaments shop charge you making cost and Tax as GST. GST Cost charge you 3% of total purchase.

Ornaments Gold Rate in Kerala today including Product Cost, GST and Making Charges.When You sell this same ornaments return to same jewellery shop gold rate Kerala today in return less of making charges and wastage. For Long term investment is good for asset but not for short term investing. Kerala People used to purchase ornaments more than bars and coins even when  rate Kerala is high.

Bars and Coins

Another way of  investing in Kerala is to purchase bars and coins to save making charges. This way of savings become the best way of savings when compared to above scheme. Gold rate in return will be less when compared to above method. In Kerala Clients are not much interested to buy coins and bars even when the gold rate kerala today is high. Kerala become the largest  consumers when compred to other state.

In Kerala Gold Bar and Coins are available in standard weight of 5gm, 10gm and 50gm. In Kerala Bank only sell the Gold Bars and Coins , They are not purchasing the gold back so it is difficult to buy through bank so Kerala Consumers seek gold ornaments shop to sell gold. Rate changing everyday and even today so when selling gold become loss or profit. Kerala Customers much active in purchasing gold.

ETF (Exchange Traded Funds)

Gold Jewellery and Bars are offline way of invest in gold. ETF are like buying stocks in stock market. This type of scheme where you are investing money in gold market in commodity market. To start this you need to have demat account.

Brokerage and Demat account Charges are there to start with commodity market.  Exchange traded funds are putting money in gold market to purchasing gold when gold rate become high trader can sell this at best rate. In Kerala People are not much aware of this savings scheme. It is cost effective , easy, safe and it is regulated market.  Here the minimum quantity to buy is 1 gram gold. This is like per gram investment scheme.

Funds of Funds

These are mutual funds where you can invest money in Gold ETF. Trader buy and sell upon gold rate variation. This type of scheme we can start with minimum of 1000 Rupees. No demat account is required, We can invest online, Monthly SIP is possible, There is no liquidity issue exit.

Investment During Special Day to Save Money in Gold Rate in Kerala Today.

Akshaya Tritiya to Buy Gold in Kerala at Good Rate

This is a Special Day for Hindus and Jains in Kerala to buy a this precious metal. Huge number of believers used to buy this metal at nice gold rate Kerala. This is special day so customers much active to buy these days as part of their religious believe.

Ornaments shops become more active and placing or refilling  required stocks during these days to attract consumers. During These days customers get nice offers to buy  at best rate. In Kerala Gold Price is little High during but during these days customers get good offers.

Key Factors Impact Today Gold Price Kerala

Two factors impact the Price Kerala

  • International demand
  • Weakening of Rupee against dollar

International Demand

International Demand for the precious metal become high so the gold price also become high. These factor impacting this metal and other metals demand. Gold price changes upon demand exit for precious metals like gold and silver. Gold Price are calculating on per gram basis. Today gold rate per gram in Kerala are changing day by day upon demand in international Market.

Weakening of Rupee Against Dollar

Weakening of Indian rupees against dollar also another factor behind gold price become weak. Due to number of factors including politics making the  price down. During the time of writing this article October 2018 gold price become in stable state. Week before Indian rupee became weak against dollar so price also went down.

Where to Buy Gold in Kerala ?

All over Kerala thousand of jewellery shops spread all over Kerala from small shops to big showrooms. People used to buy all kind of  gold and silver ornaments from these showrooms even when the gold rate Kerala is high. Precious lovers never mind the price or rate. They are much like to purchase .

This Lovers used to visit famous jewellery like Bhima Jewellery, Joy Alukkas, Jos Alukkas, Malabar, Chungath and Kalyan Jewellery. These are the famous jewellery showrooms in kerala. Nearly 1000  showrooms are working all over kerala including famous and non famous.