KSEB Kumbalangi Kochi Kerala

KSEB Kumbalangi – Hi Visitor you came here to collect some details about KSEB Kumbalangi. Our web page help you to get KSEB Kumbalangi  phone number and address.

KSEB Kumbalangi  Phone Number – 0484 224 8899

KSEB i=full name is kerala sarkar electricity board run by kerala government. This department give maximum revenue to kerala government. Kumbalangi is the main tourist destination in kerala. More than 1000 tourist used to visit Kumbalangi every year. Couple attraction exist in Kumbalangi so it become the main tourist destination. KSEB Kumbalangi is situated in the centre of Kumbalangi and nearly 20 staffs working there.

KSEB run by kerala government and it is the main department of this government. KSEB having nearly 697 section offices and more than  1000 people working in KSEB.

Kumbalangi is bounded by water around and it make Kumbalangi more beautiful. All of things still there for tourist for their relaxtion.

How to pay KSEB Bill payment

KSEB Offers two type of payment system to receive the money, One is online payment system and other is offline payment system. Online payment system allow people to make payment online thorugh their website by giving consumer number, bill number, phone number and other payment details. Offline payment allow people to go to section office directly to make the payment through counter.