How to do KSEB Online Bill Payment

KSEB Online Bill Payment – In this digital world all the payment system become digital to make the complicated payment system to simple and convenient to consumers. KSEB also made their payment system become online. This article explain you about how to do KSEB online bill payment in east way. This kseb online bill payment system required some information from your end. You may have to give your consumer number, DEBIT CARD / CREDIT CARD /NET BANKING DETAILS.This details only needed for kseb online bill payment syestem. All the things i explaining below step by step of how to kseb online payment .

Step by Step Instruction to do KSEB Online Bill Payment

KSEB bill payment is easy and quick. This enable the payment system for current bill become more easy and comfortable to the KSEB Consumers.

Step 1 : Go to the official Website of KSEB ( Kerala State Electricity Board)

Step 2 : When your reach the payment page of official website of KSEB, There you may asked to give the consumer number of current bill. So You must fill the coulmn with your kseb consumer numer which might be printed on your electricity bill.Also you can give your registered phone number to get the details of your bill.

kseb online bill payment

Step 3 : After Fill up all the required details like consumer number or phone number. Click on the submit to see the bill. Then you may redirected to the kseb online bill payment next page. There you can see amount you need to pay.

kseb online payment

Step 4 : After Getting all the required to pay the bill then you need to click on proceed to payment option. After click that button you will be redirected to the next page of kseb online bill payment website. There you can see an option to select the paytment gateway like debit card, credit card and netbanking kseb bill payment option. Please select one of the method of payment to pay kseb current bill.

kseb bill payment

Step 5 : After selecting the kseb online bill payment option you will be redirected to the selected bank bill payment option to pay the kseb bill. You required to give the bank details to process the payment. After the payment you will get digitally printed document as a proof kseb bill payment from bank and you will get message on your phone regarding the kseb bill payment and bank message of your account money debited.

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