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Home Loan Kerala – Are you looking for easy house loan through PMAY Scheme then you are in the right place. This Page useful to know all about PMAY ( Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana ). PMAY Housing Loan Kerala scheme allow people who have land or non land holders. If you have no land then also you can get avail the loan of 6 lakhs rupees or if you have own land then also you are eligible to get home this under pmay scheme. Usually getting  money not easy thing as their long procedures so people search for home loan kochi end up with private loan providers with huge interest. so better to try under pmay scheme.Home Loan Kerala

home loan kerala

What is pmay home loan kerala

This mission envisages the home loan for all people in india.Under this scheme there is interest subsidy on all type of loans such as purchasing, extension and consturction loans to financial weaker people and lower income group.PMAY Eligibility Malayalam details also available in our website. The procedures are simple if wanted to get the loan directly you can visit the website

You can choose two way one is direct apply and the second is apply through nearest corporation.

How to Apply pmay home loan kerala

Apply Through corporation

  1. First You need to go to nearest corporation office with property details
  2. If you are land owner please bring the property documents along with application filled or if you are planning to purchase home then you are required to bring your adhaar card with your filled application form
  3. Land owner submit the document then need to wait for some more days and if you are planning to purchase home then you need to bring the filled application with adhaar card after submitting you need to wait for 1 week to know the status
  4. Finally you need to put contact with corporation people till get approved
  5. If you are land owner and you are eligible to get loan then later the amount will passed in two terms but if you are planning to purchase house then you need to find house to buy then it must be verified by bank authority  then after all the approval only need to collect the approved subsidy request form from coprporation.

What to do after submitting the document

After all the procedure land owner get loan for construct / extenstion purpose and people who are looking to purchase get subsidy based loan from bank. For the first 6 lakhs you get 6.5 % interest then the normal interest rate moreover there no restriction from bank for this property to get approved due to reason like pocket road issue. Land owners get nearly 4 lakhs and no need to repay that money and getting in two terms.

Then you reach the PMAY Official Website there you can see the menus in the top bar then follow the below instructions to get Home loan kerala under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

  • Visit the official website of PMAY website
  • Citizen Assessment
  • There you choose the area under your category example : urban
  • Give your adhar number to check the eligibility
  • after eligibility check you can give all the details required by the website
  • after all the registration you are required to wait for some days to check the status
  • You can have the tracking facility about your request staus.

These are 2 way of getting housing loan for construction and extension work of your dream house. This is not an easy task to get the things approved easily because our system run in that way of working mode.When you planning to take credit you must look at the terms and conditions to clear the issue happen in future. It is very important to keep in mind. Home loan kerala  is not an easy things but you must try the less interest scheme to avoid the huge repayment in future.

Things to do when you take house loan Kerala

This is very important to keep in mind because interest rate is huge so we wanted to look at the subsidy based loan to reduce the amount in repayment. Banks are strict in applying rules to make the customers in trouble by writing whole legal things in small letters. When you read the document people wont take it as serious things but later it will fall as big financial problem so be careful when deal with load during taking loand and credit card.

Subsidy based loans are difficult to get in easy way so we need to try hard to get that kind of loan under special scheme like PMAY. After taking the loan if possible try to repay the payment as soon as possible . That way we can control the huge repayment . This is the right way to reduce the emi. Easy Monthly instalments are good way to repay without any head ache but usually people may not be able to repay within agreed period of time so bank add extra interest on it along with principle amount. This principle amount and huge interest become big problem in future repayment so we need to aware and to be prepared to handle this situation in future.

You must be confirmed that you are aware about the whole document dealing between you and bank. Most of the people taking the house loan kerala without reading the document so it is the time to avoid that routine. Kerala people are 100 % literate people so this is the right time to look at the document during taking home loan kochi.

PMAY Home loan Malayalam is the right article for you to read whole things about pmay eligibility in malayalam so dont miss out our valuable article necessary in your life.

Our moto is to help people to know about and aware about the financial dealing and things stay behind the home loan procedure. So now onwards we are here to help you in all your financial needs. so please visit again our website and literate about how financial things are going in our country.



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